Friday, February 19, 2010


This week has been a marathon. On Monday I saw the Orthopedic surgeon to get the OK for my February 26 knee replacement. Tuesday both Richard and I visited the Podiatrist to have our nails clipped and for Richard's quarterly diabetic check of his feet. On Wednesday we visited the place where he gets his special shoes, designed for those with diabetic neuropathy and we also picked up a walker for me and made arrangements for physical therapy for after my surgery. On Thursday we traveled to the Eugene VA clinic for Richard's annual visit and as soon as we got back to Corvallis I went to a meeting at church. Today I had my lab work done and pre-registered at the hospital. Tomarrow I need to do a little shopping for a shut-in and pack my bag for the hospital. Next week I need to stock up on all the "things" we will need for the next month (I won't be driving for awhile and Richard no longer drives) and clean house. Laying in bed for a bit will almost be a vacation. I am soooo ready to be on the other side of this surgery. Please pray that all goes well and there will be no further delays.