Friday, April 1, 2011

Ouch, it's been over 2 months since I last posted anything. Yes, I have been here, but pre-occupied with research and the chore of day to day life. But yesterday Shelley gave a tea for my birthay and I just want to recognize her for the effort. It was not something expected, but much appeciated. This was sort of an odd year. I turned 71. Just a year ago I had a total knee replacement. All is healing beautifully, but I don't get around as easily as I used to. My energy level is fading as well. Things I was compelled to do (gardening, shopping, etc) take a lot out of and so they don't happen as frequently. But yesterday was nice. I slept in, had a simple breakfast, took a long hot bath, got dressed, fixed a bite for Richard's lunch, and spent the afternoon being pampered. Shelley spent a lot of time and effort preparing high tea. We had small delecacies inthe form of cucumbr and chichen sandwiches, mini scones and chocolate cupcakes, fruit, and of course tea. It was very laid back, but famcy at the same time. Dianna, Lissa and Charlotte, Gladys, two of Eric's sisters and one of his nieces were guests. The presented both Shelley (her birthday is in a couple weeks) and I with a variety of gifts, too. I recieved a beautiful scarf, hand cream, an assortment of garden supplies, jams and jellies, and a cute Oregon tea towel and placemats for the deck. Shelley even sent home some gluten free mixes for her dad. Thank you everyone. It was nice to visit with you and catch up. Thank you also for the thoughtful gifts. I know I will use and enjoy them all.