Sunday, June 7, 2015

Almost there

Family have been urging me to post photos of the new, remodeled bathroom. While not completely finished, I guess it is complete enough to get a good idea of how it will look. Right now it works in it's entirety, but still needs storage shelves above the toilet. sealer on the tile, a couple hooks and a cover plate put on. It also still needs a door, no minor item should we have company. Hope you like it.
The wall-hung sink allows wheelchair access (knees fit under)
A 3 inch riser has been added to the toilet for ease of standing. Grab bars are installed on both sides of the toilet and a transfer pole helps both in that area and when getting off the shower bench. Small tile allow for greater grip.
The shower head and wand provide water to wash in all areas while seated. A tiled shelf holds washing supplies and a mounted hook (barely visible behind wand tubing) holds long handled bath brush and sponge. Grab bars have been installed in the shower under the shelf (horizontal) and vertically (not visible) adjacent to the plumbing hardware.
A bit fuzzy, but this photo shows complete layout of room as viewed from doorway.