Saturday, July 31, 2010

I took a bath

What's the big deal? Ever since I fell 15 months ago crushing my leg, I have had to be content with a shower. But I am getter better. The total knee replacement surgery went well and with a LOT of physical theropy and exercise, my leg is getting stronger. I am walking about a mile every morning and am able to get around and do most everything (with some exceptions). So after working hard all day I was thinking how good it would feel to soak my sore muscles in a hot tub of water. Bottom line, if I got down in the tub, would I be able to get out? So with Richard's encouragement and promise of help if I got stuck, I gave it a go. Oh it felt good.

There is a picture in my bathroom of a teddybear sitting in an old fashioned claw foot tub. On the wall above his tub hangs a picture stating "one of life's little pleasures". Oh, how sweet it is indeed. And yes, I was able to get out.

Friday, July 30, 2010

It's here, it's here

Yeah, it's here. Late yesterday, the mail lady came to the door bearing two styrofoam containers and an additional package, all from the VA. Then just before dinner, UPS brought Richard's pain meds. Finally, we have insulin and all the other meds needed for use for at least a month. Most of these meds are enough for three months, but they only issue a months supply of some of them. Richard began receiving his injections again this morning. I sure hope he starts to feel better soon. The oral meds do not keep Richard's blood gluecose as stable as when he uses the insulin. We really have to watch what he eats, the amount he eats, and the spacing of meals when on oral meds. These are not as critical when he is on insulin. We fought starting insulin for so long. But seeing the difference in what it does for him, I am glad he is on it.

Thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words while we waited, not so patiently, for these critiacal supplies to arrive.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


OK, where is it? Over a week ago I received confirmation from the VA that Richard's insulin had been ordered. I talked to them again yesterday to confirm that a request for still other medication had been received and an order placed. They tried to encourage me about the insulin, stressing that Rxs can take up to 10 days. Today is day day 9. Will it come today? UPS brought the syringes yesterday. Two other meds ordered the same day as the insulin came by mail. But no insulin. Patience Nancy, patience. Will it come today? I sure hope so. The Dr has already increased the dosage and sent inn an order accordingly. I wonder how long that order will take to arrive.

I could get real worked up about this if I let myself. But I will use restraint, keep my mind on more positive things that won't cause frustration. Things like seeing my granddaughters and great-granddaughter this Sunday. One granddaughter lives in NY and we see her maybe once a year. The other just had her first child and we have yet to see this new addition to the family. We will be sure to get a 4 generation photo. How's that for positive thinking? Patience Nancy, patience. The insulin will come.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yesterday brought a finish to a project. That always gives a person a lift. To have worked hard to accomplish a goal and have finally reached it. Yesterday I completed the last of 58 pot holders I had volunteered to provide for a special give-away. One of my friends has been providing kitchen sets (about 150 of them) each year for about 10 years. These sets are among household items such as towels, dishes, etc. provided to OSU students each fall by chi Alpha (a Christian organization). This year she just couldn't manage it on her own, so several of us stepped up to help out. My part was 56 pot holders, I threw in a couple extra.

The timing was good. For reasons I won't go into, I have only been able to access my sewing machine for about 3 weeks. I have a ton of fabric, some left from when my kids were young and my friend had a drawer full of trim her mother left, that she didn't know what to do with. The filling for the pot holders is an old worn out blanket, perfect for this use. I also used up a lot of odds and ends of thread. Wha La, 58 new pot holders from recycled and/or refurbished materials. All of it just sitting there. Thank you Lord for your provision.

I have already received a call from another person who is interested in making pot holders for next year. I will need to go through all that fabric and see what I can help her with along those lines. The work is good for providing a sense of accomplishment. The gift is good for conveying a sense of love, a witness to those who receive that they are in a welcoming and caring place.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Sometimes when you ask God for something He says yes, sometimes, no, and sometimes He says wait. All things are in His timing, not our own. It appears that the answer to our prayers concerning Richard's medication from the VA are to wait.

We did finally get a hold of both the VA and the Dr's office. The insulin has been ordered but will take about 10 days to arrive. In the mean time, Richard has his Dr's OK to go back on oral meds until arrives. Of course the insulin dose has already been increased so a new Rx has been forwarded to the VA. We will see how long it takes to go through, I do hope there will be no more gaps.

The Rx the Dr ordered for a loading dose of Vitamin D never arrived at the VA. It has had to be re-issued. So Richard is only taking a maintenance dose at this time. It won't do a whole lot of good, but will help. He saw the Dr yesterday and it is somewhat reassuring to know that his glucose level has remained relatively stable even without the insulin for 3 days. We are all in the Lord's hands. He is our provider in all situations. Praise God.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

cycle of stress

Just about the time you think you can see light at the end of that long tunnel, a train comes along and runs you down. Four weeks ago Richard's Dr. started him on inject able insulin. I went to the local pharmacy and got the Rx filled to the tune of $115 (with senior discount) for 28 day's worth. At the same time, the Dr's office faxed the Rx to the VA. A 30 day supply of any Rx from there is only $8. As it tuns out, the VA is in the middle of shuffling staff and did not receive the fax, at least they didn't look at it. In the mean time Richard's Dr. here went somewhere for a week, so when I called to verify the fax had been sent, no one could do so. Another week went by before I could contact someone at the VA and was sure the information was received. I emphasised the urgency of getting this Rx.

This morning I gave Richard his last dose of insulin. A new vial has not arrived from the VA. Where is it? I called the VA pharmacy to make sure it had been sent. The phone just rang, not even an answering service to leave a message. I called the VA clinic and got an answering machine. So they got an ear full. Then I called Richard's Dr's office and again left a message explaining the situation and asking if he could go back to taking the oral medication he had been taken off of just until his insulin arrived. I have yet to hear from them or the VA. HELP. I don't need this.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life goes on

Today I am both optamistic and sad. Such if life. One phase begins and another ends. Sometime the lines are blurred. This is God's plan. Today on one daughtr's blog she talks about her new granddaughter and a new positive exciting phase in her life. On another daughter's blog she talks about the anticipated graduation of her daughter and how she will be leaving home. This will spell positive change for my granddaughter, but also sadness in my daughter's life. My son is starting a new phase of life with his bride of nearly 3 weeks and my remaining daughter is trying to wade through an accumulation of possessions as she sets up a new home. This is a time of stress for her, but also spells a new sort of freedom. I, on the other hand am trying to cope with putting my home back together. No stress there. Just kidding.

When I retired four years ago I "scheduled" a five year time frame for purging all my accumulation of things and being able to live a simpler life style. Through unforeseen circumstances my schedule has been thrown way off. You know what they say about "the best laid plans of mice and men". Well it has certainly held true in this case. So now on with the show. I will get as much done as I can in the time left to me. Heaven help my kids if they are left with the daunting chore of sorting through all my stuff if I don't get it done myself.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

He never rests

Have you ever noticed how when God grants great blessings in your life, Satan is right there to undermine your joy? Well he has been a busy boy around here. Yesterday our new mother Lissa developed a blood clot. She is fine. Nate was attentive enough to recognize a potential problem and got medical help. Lissa will need injections and medication to avoid a repeat of this incident.

Then there was a BIG misunderstanding about a note I sent to one of my kids. It was not sent in anger or meant to be antagonistic, but that is the way it was received. I'm really not sure how to deal with it. My daughter and her husband do not appear willing to even talk to me about it. I have tried to explain, but get no direct response. All I can do is hope is that tempers and jurt feelings will eventually calm down.

No, there is no doubt whatsoever who rules this earth. Lord come soon, very soon.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

She is here

Finally home. How precious is this? I copied this photo off my daughter's blog. She had asked everyone not to post any info on our newest family member until after everyone had been released from the hospital. This request was based on a security issue that I won't go into here. But all is well now and I can boast on Charlotte. She was born on Wednesday July 7. Our Charlie, as she will be called, weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. On a scale of 1-10, the hospital rated her health/development at 9.8. Can't get much better than that.

See, it is official, from unbiased sources. Charlie is almost perfect. I haven't seen Charlie yet, but am told she has curly dark hair, a button nose, and big blue eyes.

After two generations with no red heads, we have practically given up on it. Still, it would have been nice. One of these days a red head will come along and surprise us. Just hope I live to see it. My great grandmother Sophie, my grandmother Anna, my dad Dale (Bing), my brother John and I all had/have red hair. But none of my or my brother's kids or grandkids, not even my great grandkids, so far have had red hair. What happened?

Charlie, I love dark hair and blond hair too. We have several of both in the family. Each is different, each very special in their own way. I can hardly wait to discover just who you are and what makes you so very special too. Welcome to our family honey. Take good care of your wonderful mom. We will see you soon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mystery solved

I figured it out. Alvin was not using the glass table as a landing pad. He wasn't seeing his reflection in the glass. He was actually after the wooden bushel basket lid under the glass. How did I come to this conclusion? When I looked out the window yesterday, Alvin was furiously licking a piece of wood. Turns out it was a small shard that had broken off the basket cover when I emptied some water from it awhile back. It was such a small piece I hadn't even noticed it. But Alvin did.

You see I have used the crock to make pickles on several occasions. While the crock has always been cleaned following the production of pickles, the basket cover has only been rinsed off. It had evidently absorbed some of the salty brine. That is what Alvin was after - salt. He will have to find a new source from now on. The crock, the glass top and the bushel basket cover are under tight security, a table cloth and heavy potted plant. What will he do now?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not just another day

Yesterday was not just another day. In the morning, Alvin was back doing his normal antics. I actually caught the little twerp taking the edge of my glass table top in his teeth and trying to move it off the crock. OK, that was enough. I took Amy's suggestion, put a table cloth on it and then sat a heavy potted plant on it. Let him try to move that. Oops, I didn't really mean to issue a challenge. I just hope it works. So far, so good, but the day isn't over yet.

We had great news last night. One of our granddaughters has presented us with a new great-granddaughter. For security reasons, we have been asked not to publish any other details until after mom and baby are released from the hospital, by the weekend. Those of you who are close to the family already know most of the info. We are all very happy about this family addition. So if you see me in person or want to call, I will be glad to share more info with you, just can't do it on line.

I spent about 2 hours watering this morning. All our plants were extremely thirst after such a hot day yesterday, It is supposed to be even hotter today, so they really need water if they are to survive. With the cost of water these days, I would not have more than a few pots of flowers if we still lived in Phoenix. So I can't complain about it. Most of our plants are well established perennials that can tolerate at least a short hot spell. Still other plants, like day lilies and some of the ground covers are drought resistant. They, along with potted plants and more tender plants (especially the vegetables) all got a good drink today. Tomorrow watering will be more selective. Thank God this heat is only supposed to last a few days.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Going Squirrely

We have owned the same house for 38 years. We have always had squirrels that scampered over our roof, buried nuts from our trees, and generally entertained us. This year we have a squirrel that I have dubbed Alvin. He/she is a real character. Curious just does not describe it. This youngster visits my deck each day. He/she pokes his nose into anything new (boxes, empty pots, etc.). He has knocked down potted plants, dug up newly planted starts, and for some unknown reason has a facination for my glass table top. Actually it is a roung of glass sitting on top of a 10 gallon crock. I use it as a side table. Several consecutive days last week I found the glass had been completely knocked off the crock. Each time I replaced it, it would be knocked off again. I initially thought the squirrel was using the table as a place to land when jumping off the roof, so I placed a plastic frog on it, to no avail. Next I moved the whole thing, trading places with a small plastic table, it was now under the eves. Still this morning I heard a commotion and sure enough, it was the squirrel jumping on the glass. I knocked on the office window, scarring him. Still he came back. So again I knocked on the window. This went on and on, at least a dozen rounds of it before the squirrel finally left. I am sure he will be back. I have some automotive sealant in the shop. This, placed along the underside of the glass at the rim of the crock should at least keep the glass from falling. What the squirrel will come up with next is anyones guess.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Brief Update

We are settling into our new routine. Actually, there are only a couple small changes. The most obvious is an insulin injection around 7:30 each morning. Less obvious is that we no longer need to pay as tight attention to the spacing of carb intake. Basically this means that Richard can have fruit or desert wallowing a meal instead of waiting a couple hours. We still have to count those carbs though, bummer!

Richard had an appointment with the RT who services his C-pap this morning. We recently changed companies and are so pleased to actually get some service. The old company just called every month from out of state and asked if we needed supplies. Their local office is just 2 blocks form us, but trying to get an appointment to see someone, well forget it.
Long story short, the computer in Richard's C-pap is not working right so they gave him a loaner while his is being repaired. The mask he was using was also the wrong size for his face (it leaked air) so he was issued a different one. A good night sleep is priceless and I am hoping this new mask will allow for a rel refreshing sleep. He is just plain worn out all the time.

The length of my morning walk has increased by about 50%. A little more distance each week and I will soon be back up to between 1 & 1 1/2 miles a day. I must say, it is invigorating first thing in the morning. I knew I missed walking, but didn't realize how much. It is great.