Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Monday

It is yet another Monday. After breakfast and after the fog had lifted from the valley, I took my morning walk. Amy was on the phone when I got home. She has been told that the big house she looked at has been sold, but she is still hopefu. It just seems so right for them. Amy went down and got a bunch of boxes to start packing up all those little extras she would need to put away in order to show their current house if they decide to sell. While we were on the phone Shelley called to see if I wanted to go pick some more tomatoes. I would have done so, but she didn't get my message in time. She dropped off some veggies instead. Thanks Shelley.

I spent a hunk of the afternoon canning tomatoes. My allotted jars and the shelf for tomatoes is neerly full. In fact I may need to buy still more jars in order to can the pears I was promised from a friend. Our coffers will be ready for winter for sure.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where to go from here?

Richard saw the neurologist this morning in Albany. The results from his EMG indicated that all the nerves are still intact, so they do not recommend surgery. Instead, they are recommending physical theropy again. As I recall, it did help last time, but certainly didn't take away the chronic pain. So looks like Richard will not get an appointment with the surgeon at least until after he finishes physical theropy and the heavy meds will continue for now, very disappointing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthaday

Today is my beloved's 71st birthday. A day to truly celebrate. It has been many years since Richard has been well. This year he is actually in better condition than in all the previous 10. No longer on oxygen, blood sugar stabilized, iron in good shape after recent infusions. All things to celebrate. So happy birthday honey.

We had a frantic call from Dianna at around 6:30 this morning. The hose on her washer had sprung a leak while she slept and there was water all over the house. Part of the ceiling on the lower floor had fallen in and the upstairs carpet was a lake. She said that her cat had waken her by pawing her face and meowing. I took over (to Albany) our big shop vac to help eliminate the standing water, but there is a whole lot of damage. She will need to take a day off work and do a lot of clean up. Insurance should cover most of the damages and replace anything that may have been ruined. Thank God for insurance both home owners (the house belongs to our daughter-in-law), and renters (Dianna). I will drop off boxes to her place on the way to a Dr. appointment tomarrow morning.

We managed to make it to Sunday school and church, even if we were a little late. I am not doing anything else but keep Richard company today. Everyone is pretty well spent.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Life in general is a process made up of sub-processes. It is left to each individual and/or group to figure out what that process. It is ever changing and never the same from one to the other. Action upon action, word upon word affects each action or word that follows. Each revelation or bit of new knowledge, the action or word of others also causes an affect. This week has been an extraordinary week. So many things that have or will affect our family and our lives outside the family.

On Monday Shelley called and wanted to know if I would like to join her in a partial harvest of Tina's garden. I had planned on working on the book shelves in the basement, but instead, I have been canning and drying fresh produce all week. I ran out of jars (so did Shelley) and spent time getting more. Shelley had to round up many jars and even Dianna spent time finding used jars both in Corvallis and Albany. My book shelves will hopefully still get done on Saturday - a process.

Tuesday started off with a new bible study. There was a great turn out. I gave a ride home to one of the ladies I hadn't talked to in quite awhile. It was nice. Then in the afternoon I and other C&HH members met with the pastor and the decoration committee about a matter that had been placed on our hearts. It went better than we could have anticipated. But we have also been given a major challenge for which I need to be in prayer - a process.

On Wednesday Richard had a very sophisticated EMG in Springfield. The new hospital complex there is really nice. The view from the neurology center overlooks a pleasant landscape that is very calming. The car was really acting up on the way down there. We actually wondered if we were going to make it. We got behind a piece of farm machinery and our motor cut out three times. But after we finally got around the slow moving vehicle and were able to pick up a little speed, the car did pretty good. Richard thinks we may have gotten some dirty gas in the lines - a process.

We had to wait almost an hour beyond our appointment time to see the Dr. The tests were hard. It is painful to have needles stuck in your muscles and electricity shot through them. But the results were reveling. Richard is getting electrical messages in all his muscles, but some a weak. According to the Dr. there are two ways discs pressing on the spinal chord can effect you. So we have eliminated one of them. The other is loss of balance and numbing in the extremities. We talk to the neurologist for official results on Monday. Only after all the test results are given to the surgeon, will we actually get an appointment with him - a process.

Yesterday, our granddaughter called to let us know that she has been definitely been diagnosed with a digestive problem that will mean she can no longer eat any foods containing gluten. They had strongly suspected this diagnosis, but had to do both blood work and a bowel biopsy to confirm it. Now she knows for sure and will make the dietary changes accordingly - a process.

Rick also reported this week that because his dogs did their thing on Preston's bedroom floor he had to pull the rug up. In doing so he discovered hardwood floors. Rick loves hardwood. It is also going to be a process to refinish them.

Life is itself, a process. We never know when we get up in the morning just what the day will bring. We can anticipate, even plan what we will do on any given day, but we are not always in charge. We must trust God and one another that we will be able to get through it and accomplish something positive in our own lives and the lives of others. Have a nice day out there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lord is Faithful

For some months I and other members of Caring & Helping Hands (church service group) have been carrying a burden for the HELPS food locker at church. Years ago a collection box was established in the main hallway to hold non-perishable foods to be distributed to those in need. When the church was painted and redecorated, this box was removed.

This afternoon we met with the pastor and the decoration committee to voice our concerns about the box. We had had one meeting with the church secretary late last spring that included this subject, so the reason for this meeting was clear. It went better than we could have hoped. The box will be repalced with something more striking and a campaign started to challenge everyone in the church to contribute. The food will be used for various ministries as well as for the needy. It is a win win situation for everyone.

Thank you for your prayers. The Lord really does honor the desires of our heart.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh my

Yes, Shelley more than wore me out today. We went to Tina's and picked our fill of veggies. Tina was very gracious in allowing us to take whatever we wanted and as much as we wanted. She even helped us pick part of it. Thank you Tina.

By the time we got home I was so tired. We had a bowl of soup and I rested for about an hour. Then Richard and I got busy. I canned 4 quarts of tomatoes and another 4 of mixed tomato, summer-type squash and onions. In the mean time, Richard cut up three large cabbage and filled jars for kraut. I washed jars, added water and salt, and did the actual canning. We ended up with 14 quarts and 10 pints of kraut. The purple cabbage looks so pretty in the jars. It will need to sit for at least 6 weeks before it will be ready and should last for about 3 or 4 years.

Tomarrow and Wednesday we will be very busy with other things. But Thursday I plan on taking care of the rest of the veggies. There are more tomatoes, celery. more squash and beets. I also got a lot of nice turnips that Richard will use as snack food and a few hard shell squash, some egg plant, and a few other odds and end that will best eaten fresh.

Like Shelley, I am running out of jars. I really couldn't believe it until I realized that nothing from stores was used last year because I couldn't manage the basement stairs last winter. We are in really good shape food wise this year. Both freezers are full from all the produce I have been getting from the gleaners. When the Lord provides, you need a lot of baskets to hold all the blessing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Our life is being scheduled for awhile, again. It is nice when retired, to not have every day scheduled. If I feel like going A instead of B or even C I can. But sometimes the option is not mine. Medical appointments mandate such scheduling.

Last week Richard had the first of 2 long sessions required for replenishing his iron. Tomorrow he will complete this process. While he is doing this I will will have access to where he spends most of his time, the area around the living room couch. So I intend to pull out the furniture and give the floor, rug, and coffee table a good cleaning. Then I will go to gleaners, come home and put stuff away, and by then Richard should be ready to come home.

Next Wednesday He has an appointment in Springfield at the Oregon Neurology Center for a sophisticated EMG. That will take the better part of the day. Springfield is about an hour drive away. Then the following Monday he needs to go to Albany for another neurology appointment so the Dr can formally explain what is going on with his neck. Only after that will we be able to make an appointment with the neuro-surgeon. As you can see, this process of repairs is going to take the entire fall. PTL for health enough to finally get this far in the process. Please be in prayer that they can and will do something to relieve Richard's constant pain. Also pray that my car holds out. I won't have money to fix it until October and it is starting to give me trouble.

In late May or early June the muffler started rattling when I started the car up. I took it in and the mechanic confirmed that one of the baffles in the muffler was damaged. He assured me that I could go ahead and drive it, but cautioned about going out of town very far. I hope Springfield isn't too far. Then a couple weeks ago the car started loosing oomph. It takes forever to get into what I would call second gear and while it can climb hills, I hold my breath because it just seems to crawl. Richard seems to think there may be a leek of transmission fluid or even a broken rear main seal. I hate the idea of using a credit card for this, but if it gets any worse, I may need to. I could pay it off in October when my mandatory annuity payment comes in. Always something, isn't there. So much for the fantacy of saving a little money aside for a rainy day, it is pouring outside now.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I lay in bed till almost 7:00 this morning. I knew that once up, I would not be able to sit down again until late afternoon. Some days are like that, there are so many activities scheduled that you can't even catch your breath:
7:00-7:30 Get dressed, fix breakfast
7:30-8:30 Prepare all the stuff needed for the day
8:30-10:00 Shop for items needed from the store
10:00-11:00 Put groceries away and load car (had a cup of coffee)
11:00 Delivered greens to a special friend
11:00 Got Richard set up at the clinic for an iron infussion
11:30 Picked up Richard's new medical equipment - returned a loaner
12:10-1:30 Gleaners
1:30-1:50 Put food away, ate a sandwich
1:50-2:15 Additional shopping
2:15-3:30 Went to pick Richard up (not ready), delivered paper work to friend
3:30-4:00 Went to open house for another friend
4:00-4:30 Picked up few items from yet another store, finally got home with Richard
4:30-5:00 Drank a cold drink, put my tired feet up
5:00-6:00 Fixed dinner, ate, started dish washer.
6:00-6:30 Absolutely nothing.
6:30-now Catching up on blogs, e-mails, prayer list, etc.

I am pooped. It is gratifying to know I can still manage a marathon, just don't ask me to do it ofte. It will take a week to recover. Have a good night. I plan on going to bed early,