Sunday, February 26, 2012

More good news

Some weeks are just so so. Some are never ending same ol same ol stuff. Some are filled with frustation. And then there are those that just take you by surprise. We had been thinking about going to Germany for over a year now. One thing and then another got in the way. It just didn't look good for this year either. Fares were terrible, fuel was going up again, making it unlikely those fares would be headed in the right direction. We were prepared to postpone again. Then early in the week we got a call from our daughter telling us she was not going to mail our traditional Easter package, we were just going to have to come get it.

So arrangements are in the works for another trip. We won't be doing any touristy things this time. Not only are neither of us in good enough shape, but our daughter is in the middle of a long term commitment that requires her to be home for a substantial number of weeks. So we will just chill. Quite frankly, that sounds really good to both of us right now. Our major concern is the travel part.

We are flying non-stop so won't need to worry about changing planes, but the trip will be hard on Richard. Last time we did this he was really sick for several days on either end. Please be in prayer for him this trip. We do NOT want a repeat.

Our grandson Chris will be house sitting while we are away. He is going to school on line and working here one day a week already. This will be a break for him. He can bring his computer and take his time with the routine work. We will leave plenty of stores for his use too. He will have to cook though.

Richard and I are looking forward to seeing our grandkids after three years. We haven't even seen our daughter in two years. A visit is way over due. Thank you Amy and Juergen. We appreciate you more than you know.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A good week

Last week (Saturday) Richard took a nasty fall. It took him almost half an hour (even with my help) to get back up. Needless to say, he was sore and exhausted. But he is OK now. Several people have been praying for him.

Tuesday was Valentines Day. I had been saving a couple of rib eye steaks in the freezer for a special occasion, this was it. They were great, but big. We only ate about half, saved the rest for another meal. The gleaners gave us two chocolate covered strawberries and some flowers. It was a nice day.

On Wednesday Carmen stopped by for lunch and a visit. It is always nice to visit one-on-one with our grand kids. I made beef stew and we took a stroll around the yard.

Chris come over on Friday and did some yard work. His help is making such a difference. He has been pruning fruit trees, cleaning the vegetable beds and even spread some grass seed.

Some old friends came by for a visit on Friday afternoon. We hadn't seen them in several weeks, so was nice to catch up.

I got caught in a drenching down pour yesterday. I had to change cloths and go to bed for awhile, just to warm up. But I'm OK. I'm so glad Richard wasn't with me. He is cold even in a warm house.

We will be gaining a new great grandchild on Friday. Lissa is scheduled for delivery that day, if she doesn't go into labor before that. It is scheduled due to difficulties last time around. Our new little girl doesn't yet have a name, but we will know soon enough.

Hope your coming week is great.