Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010, already an interesting year

2010 has gotten off to a real interesting start. First my knee replacement was put off until the end of February due to a glitch in my cardiogram, followed by another glitch in my stress test, and my heart finally cleared through angiography. A couple weeks later I had a sore tooth that developed into a swollen infected tooth at the root.
Turns out I had had extensive work done on that same tooth about 10 years ago. Now there was a crack in the root that allowed bacteria to travel to the root. The infection was not full blown, but the odds of being able to save the tooth were very small. Bottom line, I could not afford either the money (no dental insurance) or the time it would take to try. I definately do NOT want the knee surgery postponed again and they will not do it if I have any infection. So, I lost a tooth and am taking antibiotics to make sure I am infection free come February 26.
Of course I am a bit tender in the extraction area. The had to dig out the brittle tooth which shattered as the tried to pull it. I ended up with 3 stitches that will disolve on there own. I have a follow up dental appointment in 2 weeks. My new pre-surgery check-up is on Monday. Wish me well.
Boy, the 2010 Christmas letter is going to be a doosey.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Praise the Lord. He holds my life in His hands. Prayers on my behalf have been answered and I am OK. The angiogram I had on Tuesday clearly indicates that my heart is just fine and the cardiologist jokingly told me he doesn't want to see me again. Thank you to all of the faithful saints who lifted me up in prayer.

Our oldest grandson Doug has been deployed for the third time and is currently in special training at Fort Hood, Texas. As Doug is nearly 30, it is increasingly harder to accept his going off to a harsh environment away from normal life. His training for a civilian skill has again been interupted and his personal relationships have suffered. I am so very proud that he has made a sacrificial commitment , but anxious for him to get on with his life. He has so much to offer. Doug is a true and loyal friend, giving of himself to so many. This is also what makes him a good soldier. I love him so much and just want this part of his life to become past tense. He deserves a family and career of his own. He has more than earned it. Please pray the Lord will place a hedge of protection around him and angels at his elbow to ward off all evil that comes his way.