Wednesday, October 10, 2012

are we there yet?

It has been a journey. There have been many twists and turns along the way, but we are "almost" there. Jack has been such a blessing. I just have to pinch myself to beleive a total stranger, a non-christian, would volunteer to do all this work for us. It has been about six weeks since my last post. Much has been done.

We hired a professional crew to take down a huge incence cedar and prune out our massive black walnut. Jack cut up and hauled away the larger pieces of wood to be used as fuel and to dry for lumber. Then he ran all the rest of the smallar stuff, along with the tree prunings piled up before, through a chipper and spread the chips where needed.

Rick and Doug came down and replaced the portion of the shop roof that was leaking and dug the fire pit bay the back patio. Rick also cleaned moss off the house roof, down moss prevention granules, and cleaned the gutters.

Eric and Shelley delivered a load of really nice compost for Richard's birthday, so I cleaned out the planting beds in the back garden and Jack turned the beds (Chris had previously turned one of them) and put new compost in them.

Jack also prepared the area around the back planting beds and a pathway to them from the front walkway and laid down about 3-4 inches of crushed stone so that Richard's wheelchair could have access.

Jack has also replaced the end posts for the rassberries and grapes, using the old well pipe that was laying along the back of the garden. I planted garlic, separated and cleaned up strawberry plants, then moved them to a larger bed. The old strawberry bed now holds three new blueberry bushes. I have pulled up tomato plants that were spent and put protective plastic around the rest. We may get several more nice tomatoes from them. The summer squash has about had it. A few green beans still are growing and a couple small cucumbers remain on the vines. I need to harvest and dry the herbs.

The rest of this week will see sucker starts from the base of our large fig moved to the back garden, the rest of the compost placed around existing flower beds, bricks around the fire pit reset in crushed stone, what's left of the apples picked (most have already been processed), and outdoor furniture (at least the cushions) stored for winter. Jack has alraedy stated that when the rain comes (due on Friday), he is done. I am amazed at what he has accomplished.

I also have been working on Harry's couch. The bottom of the legs have been cut off and will need to be replaced (spliced). I have filled and/or re-glued several areas. But since rain is imminent, I will mearly put a coat of protectiive paint on it now and finish the work next spring. Yes, it is worth saving.