Tuesday, January 31, 2012

yarn mural

The Lilly Pond

I finally completed the afghan I promised Lissa for her new little one. She wanted a Lilly pad, I gave her just a little bit more. Shelley called it a Monet and I guess that Lilly pads are what he was noted for. It was fun to do and kept me busy while recovering from surgery. I am now learning to walk again and it will soon be time for real work. The afghan took +/- 100 hours to complete, including tucking in all those loose strands on the back and blocking the whole thing. But Lissa seems pleased and hopefully the baby will like it too. It was actually a lot of fun.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


This week has brought both frustration and encouragement. Frustration because I have lost a front tooth. Encouragement because I can finally wear a shoe on my left foot and begin the process of literally getting back on my feet.

Last week I bit down on a piece of oven fried potatoes. An extra crispy shard cut into my gum and one of my front teeth felt a bit loose. I put on my night guard hoping to stabilize it while the gum healed. But no luck. A week later, the tooth was all but dangling when the guard was removed. I went to the dentist. They took x-rays and said the tooth had had it. So the guard is back on, for now. I have a consult scheduled for Monday morning to discuss options. At this point in my life, I am insurance poor, but have no dental coverage. So fancy fixes are out. There will be no implants, and because a bridge would need to be double (I lost a tooth 2 years ago in close proximity), I'm told it would not hold up. So I will most likely need a partial plate. Ouch. My biggest question is If I loose another tooth, will I need to have a whole new plate made or can they add on to that one? My teeth seem to be on their last legs. So I have lots of questions.

I have a savings account to cover stuff like this, but I also want to travel this year. My account can't handle both at the same time. Is the Lord telling me something? Is it don't go, delay going, or that He has other plans? Patience needed here. It is frustrating to the point of tears. We haven't seen out Germany grandchildren in 3 years. They are growing and changing so fast. It would be easy to question, and at times I confess I do. But I also recognize just who is in charge. He loves and cares for me. I simply need to trust.

I also saw the podiatrist yesterday. He is very please with how my foot is healing. I have now been given the OK to not wear the special shoe 24/7. I took it off when I went to bed last night for the first time in nearly 5 weeks. I can now sit up with my leg on a stool, as long as that stool is at least level with the chair and not lower. I can wear an open toed shoe with stiff sole (Berks - thanks Amy for the shoes) for a short time, alternating with the surgery shoe. I can be on my feet for up to an hour or even two (I need to pay attention to swelling and pain levels). I can start soaking my foot alternately in hot water and then ice (thanks Shelley for the foot bath). He said it will probably be another 3 weeks before I can be back to any sort of normal activity. But it is a beginning, and that is exciting. I don't need to see him again until Feb. 22.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year

I am back, well partially. My surgery went well. I had all the pins pulled out on Friday (the 13th). I can now take a shower, a full one. I can walk , a bit. I can even drive. But there are still some pretty harsh restrictions that limit my freedom. The first of these is that I can only have my leg down for a maximom of 45 minutes. That essentially means that while I can take a quick run to the store, I can't can't really shop. I can't go to church because it takes about that length of time to drive there and back. I can sit at the computer just long enough to take care of e-mail or post, but no longer than that. I still need to wear this rigid sandle to bed. I can put weight on the front of my foot, but am not to push it, the pain level is not to excede 3. Recovery really is 6-8 weeks. Tomarrow marks 4 weeks since my surgery. Oh well, I will be a good girl and do what I'm told. I honestly do NOT want any setbacks.