Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Because of the change in internet providers, I may need to move my blog. I anticipate that this will happen in the next couple weeks, so not to worry if you have trouble finding me. I am not atechnical person at all. My kids set up this blog for me and I will need to rely on them to make any necessary alterations. I checked out some of the options (links) I found on the blog site and they give instructions in technical language that I do not speak or understand. Guess I am too old for all this.

Change of subject. It has been raining off and on for a couple of weeks now. The plants are loving it, but we are finding it hard to keep up with maitenance. Richard has been working on the front beds for a couple hours a day. There are so many things that go untended though. Our back lawn is at least 3 feet high. We started to cut it with the weed eater (our mower is in the shop). But it just doesn't work well when the grass is soaked. Then there are the weeds that spring up in all the newly cleaned areas. Seems you take one step forward and two back.

I did get the vegetable starts in the planting beds. They really need some top soil though. So too, with the roses and flower beds. They really need about 3 inches of bark. These are additives we can't afford and do not have the means of spreading even if we could. This is a hard reality and source of frustration. Our yard is enjoyed by the entire neighborhood. We get positive feedback from all who pass by. So it is frustrating that we can't keep up with it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

technology chalenge

OK, I am finally doing this. I will be getting high speed internet access, putting dial up away. It is not something that I would have changed, despite the time it takes to use dial up. But the cost of TV access has gotten so out of hand that we were forced to take a hard look at "bundles". We already have Direct TV and Qwest. It was only natural to look at a bundle that would put them together with internet access. Turns out that because we already have these, there wouldn't be much of a discount. So we are going with cable. It will give us all three services for about $20 less than bundling with Qwest for a full year. There is no time related contract, so if we don't like it, we can chane without any penalty. The price is good for full year. Looks like we will need to look at this again and again.

For those of you who have been after me to change from dial up for several years, this action should better allow me to view videos and download photos with ease. What ever happened to patience? So it takes 10 minutes to get a video of a few seconds using dial up. I do eventually get it. (just a bit of sarcasm)

My biggest concern is in making all the needed changes in my current files. I am hoping the installer can transfer such things as my e-mail address book, Facebook account, blog access, and my favorites list. Grrr.

I'll e-mail my new e-address to everyone, provided I can manage this technology change.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today marks an anniversary, of sorts. Not something to celebrate by any means. But still an event that marks a huge change in not only my life, but the lives of my family. It was one year ago today that I fell, crushing my leg and gashing my head on a landscape rock. The months that followed really brought home the fact that we all need each other. Today I would like to again recognize and thank all those who contributed to my recovery from that devistating fall. You know who you are. You are angels in disguise.

A year ago I faced months of dependancy on others for provision of food, drink or medication, for moving even from my bed to the portable pot. Someone even had to bring a basin for me to wash in. If you have not experienced being totally dependent, let me tell you, it is very humbling. It is an experience that changes, or at least brings home the need for connectivity.

How easy it is to intelectually acknowledge that someone is in need and then go on with our busy lives. Stop right there. Acknowledgement without action is not acceptible. Remember the story of the good Samaritan? He not only gave funds to help someone in need. In fact giving funds was far from the top of a long list of actions taken. First he recognized a need. Then he took time, interupting what was probably a busy schedule. After that he personally provided physical assistance. Only then did he make sure that the man had continuing care by providing monitary help. And all this was for someone he didn't even know. There are many lessons to be learned by this story. Many lessons demonstrated by my experience. For I was in effect, the man robbed and left to die on the road. God provide not just one, but many good Samaritans to help me recover. Again, thank you.

If anything is to be celebrated today, it is that I am so very blessed with family, friends, neighbors and even strangers who have stepped up and demonstrated a hands on willingness to help in my time of need. You have learned the lesson of the good Samaritan well. I praise God for all of you.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

This is Mother's Day weekend and I am feeling really blessed. All my children will be spending the day with their kids. Richard and I will be here knowing that they too are blessed by children and grandchildren. Quiet is good. We love our family, but need quiet. The sound of children playing is precious. But a little goes a long way. As we get older, we find that crowds and noise get on our nerves.

I have already received a call from my oldest granddaughter, wishing me a happy Mother's Day and sharing her joy of moving into her new dream house. It has been a long hard struggle for her to get to this point. But she took the time to call and share. Thank you.

Two of my daughters have already presented gifts, as well. I received new garden tools from one, ear rings, a card, and a really wonderful book on cooking gluten free from the other. Thank both of you so much.

Of course the other kids live far away but I expect to hear from them on Sunday. All the kids have families that will be celebrating them as mom. The torch has been passed. We have been 4 generations now for 13 years. It gives me so much pleasure to see how my family is developing.

So many paths that lead to diverse places, both physical and in interests. My family is quite literally spread around the world. Doug is in the middle east, Amy and 5 grandchildren in Europe, Rick, 5 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren in Washington, Misty and 2 great-grandchildren in Florida, Carmen in NYC, and the rest here in Oregon.

To date, most of my grown grandchildren have chosen careers that involve some sort of service to others. One is serving in the military, one working in the medical field, one as a cosier in NYC, and another working at a university. Still another grandchild has chosen a career as a stay at home mom, perhaps the greater service of all. The remaining adult grandchildren, are still either in school or trying to figure out their lives. I am confident that they will find a path that includes bringing joy to others.

Happy Mother's Day to my daughters (Shelley, Dianna, and Amy), to my soon to be daughter-in-law Amy L, and to my granddaughters (Misty, Bridget, and Lissa). I love all of you more than you can possibly know. But please forgive my tears, for right now I wish I could express my love and a happy Mother's Day to my own mom . Mom died just over 16 years ago and I am missing her so very much.