Saturday, March 10, 2012


Most of us have heard of and have experienced the "prompting" of the Holy Spirit. PTL for it, what a blessing. Yesterday, I had such an experience.

While still in recovery from my surgery and not yet able to walk, let alone drive, I received notification that my drivers license would need to be renewed prior to my birthday. There was no way I could do anything about it at the time, so I put the notice on a shelf above my desk and promptly forgot about it. But yesterday morning, the upcoming deadline just popped into my head. So I started looking for the notification. It was, of course, right where I had left it. They say timing is everything and I believe it.

We are about to embark on a journey, a trip for which I need to drive 175 miles both at the beginning and the end of a month long vacation. My license is still good for the first leg, but would have been expired by three weeks for the trip home. Not acceptable. So I went down and went through the process of renewal, got a worthless temporary license (also expires before we return), and hopefully my new one will arrive before we leave. It is supposed to take 5-10 days. We leave in 7. If I had waited even until Monday, odds are we would already be gone when it arrives. On the off chance we miss it, I will have Chris mail it to Rick's house so it will be waiting for me when we get back from Europe.

I truly believe the prompting of the Holy Spirit saved the situation. It certainly wouldn't be the first time and most likely not the last. PTL. Boy, I hope I haven't forgotten anything else of importance! By the way, at 72 years old I still passed the eye exam and do not yet need to wear glasses to drive. When the Lord blesses you He doesn't hold anything back.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

getting close

Time is passing very quickly. It always does, when you are either having fun or preparing to do so. We leave on our trip Saturday March 17. That is only a little over a week from now. Our bags are not actually packed, but most everything is either in the bags or on the bed beside it. Several lists have been checked off, or have but a few items yet to complete. Most are things that, by their nature need to be "last minute". But then there is always an item that just can't be located. This time it is a silk screen.

We told our granddaughter we would bring Richard's printing equipment for her to use in connection with her art work. But I have looked till I am blue in the face for that thing, and it is not to be found. No I did not throw or give it away! I am pretty sure I saw it a few months ago when cleaning in the old furnace room, but where is it? Chris even helped me look for it last week. Big breath, try again. Ask the Lord for His direction. It will show up.

Mean while, I have shopped for requested items. Our medication has been ordered and most received. Arrangements have been made with the airline for handicap loading and seating. TSA rules have been down-loaded and reviewed. A couple Dr. appointments needed to be changed to after we return home. A note from the Dr. has been secured that will authorize carrying of refrigerated liquid medicine and syringes and verifies that both Richard and I have artificial knees. Bills have been paid ahead. Taxes completed and the annual VA benefit form submitted. I visited the bank and changed the password on both my Visa and debit cards, telling them when and where we are headed to avoid any problems getting funds, should we need them. I called our health insurance company to also make sure they knew where we would be and to verify protocol should, God forbid, we require medical assistance. We have made arrangements to stay a few days with our son in Washington on either end of the flight. He will take us to and pick us up from the airport. We will be stopping by one granddaughter's on the way to Seattle and another will visit us there. Both granddaughters have new little ones that we have yet to meet. Our grandson Chris will be house sitting. We are taking friends to dinner tonight as a thank you for all their assistance while I was recovering from my last surgery. And finally, I have called a meeting next week for the church group I head up, to discuss several outstanding issues. Have I forgotten anything important? I hope not.

Traveling at this stage of our life is a challenge. But it is not impossible. We so look forward to seeing loved ones that could be seen no other way. That makes all the hassle so worth while. Will it wear us our? Absolutely. We will probably be down for a couple days when we get there and at least a week when we get back. Would we do it all over again? In a heart beat, just not real soon. What's the saying, we're getting too old for this? Well, maybe so. But we aren't about to just lay down and die. Our family is our life. We need each other. You never outgrow the need for a hug and a face to face with those you love.