Monday, June 18, 2012


Last week our daughter, son-in-law and grandson came over and did some sorting of "stuff" they had stored in our driveway. It had been there for two years, much of it ruined by the elements. So a big blue dumpster was filled twice and there is still a lot to get rid of. But that is progress.

On Saturday, two strong young men from church weed eated and placed in the dumpster, a ton of blackberries. There is still so very much work to accomplish in order to get the yard in managable shape. But that too is progress.

I have been working on both house and yard. I had much looked forward to family visit last week. We had a really nice time catching up after 35 years.The house was clean, but not immaculate and the front yard at least looked as if someone lives here. Progress.

Last year niether my husband or I were in any shape to have a garden. This year, our grandson till one of our vegetable beds and got it ready for starts. I have now planted some summer vegies. Again, progress.

Thank you to everyone who contributed time and efforts so far. Our son will be here next week end to do some major home repair and hopefully catch up on face to face visit time. So much progress.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Wow, has it really been nearly a month since my last post? That is some indication of just how tired I have been. That won't (the tired part) change any time soon. I did finally get caught up on "things" around the house that were negected for what time we were gone. Things like bills, laundry, cleaning, ect. But the yard was over grown and our grandson, who was keeping the worst of it at bay, has started a new job. We are extremely glad for him, but that leaves a ton of work for me.

Blackberries threaten to take over the place both in the back vegetable garden and in the flower beds. More common weeds join in to add to to the disaster. I have spent the last several days cutting down (not digging up) johnson grass in the front mound and weed eating around the front beds. Seems the more I do, the more those blackberries and weeds stand out.

I am expecting company next Tuesday, a cousin I have not seen in 35 years. I don't expect perfection of my yard or house, but it would be nice if the place at least looked like someone actually lives here. So I continue to pull weeds, prune hedges, and ect. I ordered a blue dumpster to be delivered on Friday. Our daughter has promised to dispose of her rain soaked junk that has been sitting in the driveway. That alone will make a whole lot of difference.

It won't get done before my company comes, but a group from church who are earning money for a missions trip will be coming on the 16th to do some cleanup, as well. I will have them tackle the blackberry problem. We will make a nice contribution to their cause in return.

The Lord has provided even for this need. We received a letter from the airline we used on our trip to Europe. They will be sending a sustantial refund to compensate for some issues I won't go in to. It will cover both the missions contribution and pay for replacing a broken water heater and the bathroom floor it ruined. Thank you Jesus. You really do meet ALL our needs and your timing is flawless.