Thursday, October 8, 2015

This & That

It has been awhile since I last posted anything. Perhaps that is why my site indicates that it now has 3 followers. Have even some of my kids given up on me? I am OK with only a few dedicated followers. This is way to public for my comfort level.

Chris came over today to do a favor. I had downloaded Windows 10 in anticipation that it would allow more graphic options, but it really screwed up a lot of the old options, primarily printing and search options. It was driving me bonkers, so he reversed the install and I am back to what I am more comfortable doing. Thank you Chris. 

We have had about 6 weeks of no medical appointments. that is about to change. Between next week and the end of the month we have at least 8 scheduled between us. Please be in prayer that the weather holds. It is so hard for dad to get out in nasty weather.

Rick was down for a few hours on Saturday. He was going to tack up the rest of the woodwork in the hall where we moved the door, but ended up cutting all the huge weeds on the back slope instead. He did manage to finish calking the 1/4 round in the bathroom and spend some time visiting as well. He has been a tremendous help. Thanks Rick.

I have been busy putting together some more family trees. One for dad's cousin, one for her husband, and am currently working on a tree for one of my cousins, his mom's side. All these trees are different, though some have similarities. Each has a unique story to tell and it gives me so much pleasure to fill in blanks for folks. Mostly, because it brings them joy.

I need to go to bed, so will sign out. For those 3 who follow my blog, thanks for your patience and for caring enough to do so.